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Synonyms for science

known facts, ideas, and skill that have been imparted

Synonyms for science

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31) Judge Jones uses an almost identical definition for science as did Judge Overton; additionally, the court relied once again on the scientific community for an accurate working definition of science.
The standards also recommend the adoption of a definition of science that is consistent with the definition of science used by most by other states.
State education officials in Kansas are considering changes to its science standards that would allow students to hear challenges to Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, a move that opponents say could set a precedent about the actual definition of science itself.
3) Now, this realist definition of science and worldview will be problematic from within the perspective of the famous Kantian distinction, even demarcation, between noumena and phenomena.
Yet philosophers of science and scientists themselves disagree about exactly what science is, with the result that any definition of science one choose to work with will be problematic to some degree.
This has the potential for changing the definition of science, the way people do science, and even what we mean when we say science," Dr.
This question takes on some urgency, not only with the failure of modern philosophy of science to develop a viable definition of science, but also in light of recent developments in Aristotle studies.
However, this view is rejected by George Reisch, who worries that Dupre's characterization of science may be too permissive, because it does not provide a strict, hard-and-fast definition of science that can eliminate creationism, in which case it will be all owed to be discussed in science textbooks.
Darwinians claim a monopoly on truth and have erected a ``wall of separation'' between their definition of science and all other philosophical approaches.