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If you accept the definition of science as proposed by Popper, the answer is "no.
Intelligent design does not meet the basic requirement of the definition of science to be in a science class.
The book contains an appendix on the definition of science from a formal philosophical aspect.
With this working definition of science the court found that "creation science" failed to meet these essential characteristics.
Several of the articles in this issue look beyond specific policy debates to the larger question of the definition of science policy (in the broad sense that includes technology and health policy).
Unfortunately, many people today operate under an incorrect definition of science, one that excludes anything at all that may point to God.
Arkansas Board of Education, the landmark 1982 ruling that banned creationism from public-school biology classes; in the case, the judge appealed to a definition of science proposed by an expert witness, Michael Ruse, a philosopher with no formal training in biology but steeped in the history of the subject.
The proposal also calls for changing the definition of science from "Science is the human activity of seeking natural explanations for what we observe in the world around us," to "science is a systemic method of continuing investigation that uses observations, hypothesis testing, measurement experimentation, logical argument, and theory building to lead to more adequate explanations of natural phenomena.
State education officials in Kansas are considering changes to its science standards that would allow students to hear challenges to Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, a move that opponents say could set a precedent about the actual definition of science itself.
3) Now, this realist definition of science and worldview will be problematic from within the perspective of the famous Kantian distinction, even demarcation, between noumena and phenomena.
Yet philosophers of science and scientists themselves disagree about exactly what science is, with the result that any definition of science one choose to work with will be problematic to some degree.
Other, perhaps more basic, aspects of science are usually held to originate in antiquity, but debate flourishes on the relative roles of ancient Greece and Mesopotamia, and this debate also forces questions about the very definition of science.