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Synonyms for pension

Synonyms for pension

to remove from active service

Synonyms for pension

a regular payment to a person that is intended to allow them to subsist without working

grant a pension to


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They work very well in company savings plans, 401k plans, and other defined contribution plans.
In part to address the issue of defined contribution plans, as well as to resolve issues that arose during the Desert Storm and Somalia interventions, Congress began to consider expansion of veterans' employment rights three years ago.
Participants choose how much of their defined contribution plan assets to allocate to their Prudential IncomeFlex fund, and they can move out of the option at any time without withdrawal fees.
Bundled assets under management by AM firms in plans administered by AM Retirement Plan Services represent less than 1% of UAM's approximately $41 billion in assets under management in defined contribution plans.
wishes to allow for the maximum $30,000 contribution for Jack, it should consider adding to the existing profit-sharing plan a money purchase plan, which is similar to a defined contribution plan because it is often based on compensation and usually credited directly to an employee's account.
95-14, the IRS has released a correction program for plan sponsors that have contributed unencumbered property to qualified defined benefit or defined contribution plans in violation of Sec.
The cash value of a life insurance policy is better suited to a defined contribution plan than a defined benefit plan.
Bankers Trust is a leader in master trust/custody services and defined contribution plan administration and education, as well as tax-exempt investment management.
in that case, the employer had terminated a defined benefit plan, Plan X, and established a defined contribution plan, Plan Y, covering all X participants who remained employees.
employees chose to stop accruing service in the defined benefit plan and to continue in the defined contribution plan but with a higher company contribution level.
Defined contribution plan participants will not get this benefit.
An ESOP is a defined contribution plan that invests primarily in the employer's securities.
Perhaps most surprising, America's youngest workers also favor - by a margin of two to one - an automatic feature that would convert their defined contribution plan assets into a guaranteed monthly income stream at retirement.
Practically speaking, participants and other recipients will have to establish IRA accounts or coordinate a rollover into a qualified defined contribution plan before a direct rollover may be made.
NEW YORK -- Defined contribution plan sponsors identified the same key areas of concern that Congress targeted in its recent overhaul of retirement plans, according to new research by AllianceBernstein Investments ("AllianceBernstein").