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Synonyms for pension

Synonyms for pension

to remove from active service

Synonyms for pension

a regular payment to a person that is intended to allow them to subsist without working

grant a pension to


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Transamerica's defined benefit practice offers clients a holistic view of their retirement plans and can help them develop solutions to easily manage their entire suite of retirement offerings, including their defined contribution plans.
The System of National Accounts 1993, which BEA previously followed, recommended household income attributable to defined benefit plans be limited to actual employer contributions and property income earned on actual assets held by plans.
Getting Defined Benefit Plans Ready for the Future includes two articles that offer suggestions on what can be done to improve defined benefit plans.
The latest figures from pensions safety net the Pension Protection Fund show that 89% of defined benefit pensions are currently in deficit, with the schemes collectively facing a funding shortfall of pounds 209.
Mercer said companies with defined benefit schemes are continuing to take action to reduce the risks of their schemes, such as switching their assets out of volatile equities into more stable bonds.
Defined benefit plans provide eligible employees a set monthly benefit upon retirement.
Companies with defined benefit plans were trying to seriously cut pensions even when they were experiencing very good times," notes Warren Gunnels, the legislative director for Representative Bernie Sanders, Independent of Vermont.
The IRS ruled (5) that a defined benefit plan can be amended to distribute demutualization proceeds to plan participants after its termination, without violating Sec.
The case for changing health insurance from a defined benefit to a defined contribution plan goes beyond risk avoidance to include: greater budgetary control over fringe benefit outlays; a scaling back of health benefits administrative staff; and better morale among employees who acquire the freedom to choose what best suits their particular situation.
While the vast majority of public-sector employees still participate in defined benefit plans, there has been a recent increase in interest in defined contribution plans by both public-sector employers and employees.
In 1982, the Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act reduced by one-third, and then froze for many years, the maximum annual contribution to defined contribution plans and the maximum annual benefit that could be paid by a defined benefit plan.
In an 8-to-1 decision, the Court in May 1993 ruled in favor of the government, restricting the ability of employers to make contributions of unencumbered property to a defined benefit plan.
SAN FRANCISCO -- A new, nationwide survey of small business owners and upper-middle income professionals who invest in defined benefit (DB) plans found that an overwhelming majority consider these plans a top strategy for reducing taxes and achieving a financially secure retirement.
HOUSTON, April 9 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Continental Airlines today announced that it has contributed an additional $50 million in cash to its defined benefit pension plans, bringing its total year-to-date contribution to its defined benefit pension plans to $100 million.
Companies are paying more than twice as much into defined benefit pension schemes as they are into less generous defined contribution ones, official figures showed yesterday .
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