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any disease caused by a lack of an essential nutrient (as a vitamin or mineral)

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Children with bile acid deficiency diseases may present during the neonatal period or during early childhood.
The target patient populations include immune-compromised individuals who suffer from an underlying immune deficiency disease or who may be immune-compromised for medical reasons.
By increasing one's vitamin D levels, the risk of cancer and other long-latency deficiency diseases can be reduced.
With deficiency diseases nearly eliminated, nutrition researchers set their sights on eliminating chronic disease.
Dr Abdulrazaq is a dedicated clinician and researcher and an authority in nutritional and enzyme deficiency diseases, a statement said.
Apollo and StemCyte signed an MOU designed to provide stem cell therapies derived from umbilical cord blood to treat patients with certain malignant blood disorders, inherited disorders and immune deficiency diseases.
To date, UCB stem cells have been used successfully in approximately 10,000 patients for the treatment of hematologic malignancies, congenital blood disorders and immune deficiency diseases.
This review discusses the biochemical functions of vitamin B12, clinical deficiency diseases associated with vitamin B12, causes of deficiency, vegan infants and the elderly, nutritional intakes in Australia and New Zealand and meeting dietary requirements.
Also, some people suffering from some medical conditions such as deficiency diseases, absorption problems, impaired immunity should get their nutrient supplements.
Howard Schiffer, executive director and founder of Vitamin Angels thanked Vitaquest for its ongoing support and dedication to a shared vision of a world where expecting mothers get the nutrition they need to deliver healthy babies, no child goes blind due to a simple vitamin deficiency and adults and children are free from easily preventable deficiency diseases.
Genuine vitamin deficiency diseases tend to be the exception in the Western industrialized nations.
B vitamins should be prescribed only to patients who have B vitamin deficiency diseases
Vitamins protect us from deficiency diseases such as scurvy, but also help to boost our immunity, improve childhood development and can reduce the risk of serious illness such as cancer and heart disease.
In less severe forms, the vitamin A deficiency diseases (VADD) lead to retarded development and reduced immune response to infectious diseases.
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