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treatment by stopping fibrillation of heart muscles (usually by electric shock delivered by a defibrillator)

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They knew that, but they still used defibrilator on him.
ACSM: Amerikan Spor Hekimligi Birligi, PKG: perkutan koroner girisimler, KABG: koroner arter bypas greftleme, ICD: implant kardiyak defibrilator
EVERY club in the Scottish Football League will be provided with a defibrilator from the first pounds 50,000 received from the New Football Pools.
Michael Eddie ( left), Community First responder and Ian Inglesant of the Coventry Ambulance Centre, demonstrating the defibrilator.
We have purchased and mounted an automatic external defibrilator (AED) on the hangar deck for first-response use.
His bike, sponsored by telecoms firm O2, will carry a defibrilator, vital drugs and a puncture kit.
I THINK it is a great idea that the Ormonde hotel in Kilkenny has been fitted out with a defibrilator to treat guests who suffer heart attacks.
The woman was found slumped in her seat during the 3 December flight and when the `kiss of life` failed to revive her, the flight`s purser used an onboard defibrilator to restart her heart.
Victory Shield winners were Warkworth First School and Champions Shield champions were Broomhill First School Tiny Woods Academy would like to thank Amble Community Team for providing refreshments and the Stephen Carey Fund for delivering defibrilator training.
Bu nedenle ICD endikasyonu olan ve ileride pacemaker gereksinimi gelisebilecek kalp yetersizligi hastalarinda defibrilator islevli kardiyak resenkronizasyon tedavisi (CRT-D) oncelikli olarak dusunulmelidir.
Quick-thinking staff laid him on the floor and restarted his heart using a defibrilator kept in the lobby.
Implantable kardiyoverter defibrilator (IKD) hayati tehdit eden ventrikuler tasikardi veya ventrikuler fibrilasyonda kullanilabilir.
Speaking for the first time of her horrific ordeal, Ann told how her chest was burned because medics had used a defibrilator so many times.
EVERY club in the SFL will be provided with a defibrilator from the first pounds 50,000 received from the New Football Pools.
ONE four-star Irish hotel offers its guests the ultimate extra - a defibrilator to jumpstart for their hearts.