fox hole

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a small dugout with a pit for individual shelter against enemy fire


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Initially in a combat zone, Soldiers, Department of Defense civilians, and contractors often sleep in defensive fighting positions, tents, and (although it is against policy) the combat and commercial vehicles that the occupants fight and travel in.
While touring the area, several Defenshield Mobile Defensive Fighting Positions (MDFPs) were seen being used at Camp Victory for physical security and anti-terror operations in an area charged with monitoring all personnel and materials activity in and out of the former Bagdad International Airport.
The troops identified several defensive fighting positions in the surrounding area during the course of the search, and destroyed them with precision airstrikes.
fortification walls, overhead protection for bunkers, significant protection improvement for existing barriers and revetments, ISO container (temporary shelters), command posts, traffic check points, defensive fighting positions, and large-scale bomb blast fortifications.
His tour of Defenshield will include a review of the Mobile Defensive Fighting Positions (MDFPs) currently deployed by the U.