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Our study is significant because it is the first time we have been able to block the body's natural defense mechanisms using a selective pharmacological antagonist.
Understanding the nature of a person's psychological defense mechanisms, their complexity, and the individual's ability to apply them to novel situations is crucial to understanding how the person will react when confronted with a stressful stimulus (Williams & Anderson, 1997).
Different defense mechanisms are characteristic of different levels of psychological functioning, from primitive through mature, and they can allow for a practical and rapid way of determining how well adjusted a patient is, said Dr.
Criminals frequently employ these defense mechanisms to rationalize their actions, to project blame onto someone or something else, and to minimize their crimes.
They included: the intermittent nature of the war, campus safety, socio-economic status, reliance on adaptive defense mechanisms particularly denial and rationalization, war preparedness, and the mitigating role of family, community and religion.
Education/reassurance provided by the psychiatrist for the staff about the dynamics of the particular case, including relevant psychological defense mechanisms.
Because most infections occur before a definition file is available, early warning signs of new outbreaks with built in defense mechanisms is critical; however, without a team of round-the-clock "malware specialists" this level of protection is difficult to achieve.
Mutants with suppressed defense mechanisms showed an increased growth rate," said Tobias Zost.
This guide focuses on 69 arthropods, mostly from North America, and investigates their defense mechanisms, be they chemical, behavioral, or morphologic Each chapter is devoted to a different creature, from the aptly named vinegaroon to the stinging honeybee, and includes both the common and scientific names, an in-depth description of their weapons of choice, and color photos of the arthropod in action.
With the complete genome sequence of both a host and a pathogen, scientists now have the necessary tools to dissect the weapons of the invader along with the defense mechanisms employed by the host crop to withstand attack.
Laboratoires Serobiologiques, a subsidiary of Cognis, has introduced Climaline, a line of hair and skin care ingredients that harnesses the natural defense mechanisms of plant and marine material to protect themselves against the elements.
mucosal protection against a pathogen); and stem cell protection and chemokine/cytokine and angiogenic agent defense mechanisms.
Only one study was located that focused on the relationship between traditionally-defined, psychodynamic defense mechanisms and adaptation to coronary disease.
The joke is that Johnny has just spent his seven years in prison studying to become a psychotherapist (he describes himself as ``the only working psychopathic psychotherapist in all of psychopathology'') and now sees everything in terms of denial, defense mechanisms and deeply buried emotions.
Shifting into another person's paradigm and trying to empathize with his or her point of view allows that person to maintain the honorable avenues of love, living, and learning without having natural defense mechanisms aroused.
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