Defense Secretary

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the person who holds the secretaryship of the Defense Department

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the position of the head of the Department of Defense

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At the outset of the reception, the Crown Prince welcomed the British Defense Secretary, wishing him and his accompanying delegation a pleasant stay in the Kingdom.
Japan and the United States have been trying to arrange a visit by Rumsfeld to Japan since he became defense secretary, but the U.
She reiterated that Carter's statements indicate that from the point of view of the US defense secretary the Arab countries are incapable and destitute and that the US has continued its political approach of maintaining the superiority of the "Zionist regime over the Arab states and makes decision for these countries".
After Hagel, Panetta and Robert Gates, Carter would be the United States 25th and Obama's fourth defense secretary in six years.
Defense Secretary was indicted by the apex court for not holding the Local Body Election in the cantonment areas.
Radio Israel" quoted US officials as saying that US Defense Secretary Mr.
A statement has been made by Chuck Hagel, who is to be sworn-in as the Defense Secretary of the United States of America.
The US Defense Secretary was at the start of a seven-day visit to the region to explain to allies and partners the practical meaning of the U.
defense secretary Leon Panetta, who visited Iraq over the weekend, said that U.
Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has arrived in north Iraq Kurdistan's Capital of Arbil on Tuesday, where he conferred with Kurdistan President, Massoud Barzani and Kurdistan Premier, Barham Saleh, an Arbil media source reported.
President Barack Obama said referring to retiring Defense Secretary Robert Gates.
Defense Secretary Robert Gates arrived here today on a one-day visit.
But incoming defense secretary Robert Gates may also ponder the pedigree of undersecretary of defense for policy Erie Edelman, a career foreign-service officer and former national-security advisor to the vice president (and said to be more moderate than his predecessor Douglas Feith).
WASHINGTON -- Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England called on what he called some of the best minds in the country to help come up with new solutions to the threat improvised explosive devices pose to U.
War over war: Six retired high-ranking military leaders have spoken out against Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, saying that he should resign because of his poor job of running the war in Iraq.
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