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The US sponsored the meeting with the assistance of the Inter American Geodetic Survey and the Defense Mapping Agency, both of which organizations at that time had been long involved in supporting cartographic operations in Central and South America.
Available in CD-ROM format and derived from digital maps prepared by the Defense Mapping Agency and other mapping organizations, the Digital Chart of the World contains information on more than 275 types of features, organized into layers which users can display over the outlines of continents.
Typical of the kind of news reported in Hammitt's newsletter mentioned above (Access Reports) is the item in the July 11 issue that says the Defense Mapping Agency is trying to persuade Congress and public interest groups of the need for protecting certain unclassified maps from public disclosure under FOIA.
Defense Mapping Agency, scouting for what navigators abhor--the absence of landmarks.
Other prior assignments include tours with the Air Force Inspector General, the Defense Mapping Agency, and Electronic Systems Center.
Begin reading with The International Code of Signals, published by the Defense Mapping Agency Hydrographic/Topographic Center.
The fault for the data inaccuracy was laid at the door of the United States' National Imagery and Mapping Agency (Nima), formerly the Defense Mapping Agency (DMA), which, despite being highly respected and the acknowledged world leader in digital map production, is no less capable of making an error than any other organisation.
military displays use Defense Mapping Agency (DMA) maps.
Much to the chagrin of NOAA officials, who expected their maps to be widely available to the public, the Navy and the Defense Mapping Agency have argued that NOAA's detailed EEZ bathymetry data should be classified secret.
Kajiya has served on the external advisory board of the Defense Mapping Agency, the National Neurocircuitry Database Committee for the National Academy of Sciences and Institute of Medicine, as well as the SIGGRAPH executive committee.
NIMA was formed on October 1, 1996, through the consolidation, in their entirety, of the Defense Mapping Agency, the Central Imagery Office and the National Photographic Interpretation Center.
Customers include the Department of the Navy, Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health, Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Department of Agriculture, Department of Labor, Federal Emergency Management Agency, National Science Foundation, US Small Business Administration and Defense Mapping Agency.
Lockheed Sanders (Nashua, NH) is developing a digital moving map (DMM) for aircraft which will create 600-nmi x 600-nmi mission maps generated from Defense Mapping Agency CD-ROMs.
NIMA, which includes functions of the former Defense Mapping Agency, was established October 1, 1996.
He has authored numerous professional publications, including "Ground Station Concepts to Support Digital Map Displays", which was presented to the NAVAIR AV-8B Program Office and "Synthetic Aperture Radar Simulation/Prediction using Standard Digital Data Products", which was prepared for the Defense Mapping Agency.
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