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Regardless, the market for cloud services throughout the Defense Department is sure to continue its robust growth for the foreseeable future.
Gerard Mantese, another attorney for the families, stated: "The Defense Department and the Department of Justice should do their homework and read the studies and reports, including the Defense Department's own internal documents, showing that ABA is the most effective therapy for treating autism.
The Defense Department is allowed by law to give equipment and other support to host nations only as it is directly related to the provision of this training.
The right wing, moreover, fulminated in condemnations of a traditional ally in the trade control fight: the Defense Department.
Although this "good cop" Defense Department says it is teaching host country armies about subordination to civilian leaders, the Pentagon's relations with U.
A classic example of the anti-expansion pressure that faces the Defense Department can be drawn from the Air Force's experience at Saylor Creek, Idaho, where the Air Force maintains a 108,000-acre air-to-ground bombing and gunnery range.
9 billion in SDB prime awards and subcontracts to the Defense Department in FY'91 could prove to be the highest minority procurement level for years to come.
As per the department s cloud security standards, latest authorization would allow AWS assists more defense agencies to organize certain projects, like; public-facing Web sites or open data sets that don t require the defense department s internal data centers.
The Defense Department assigned the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIFDDO) to lead the fight against roadside bombs in 2006.
WASHINGTON -- The Defense Department is preparing to implement the first phase of its new pay-for-performance civilian personnel system in late April, a senior official said here March 3.
The GAO report, compiled for the Senate Armed Services Committee, recommends that the Defense Department limit production of the new larger ``B'' model Global Hawk to just a few test aircraft until both the airframe and the sensors it will carry are proven.
In June 2005, the Defense Department approved a sweeping new reorientation, called "The Strategy for Homeland Defense and Civil Support," that will (in the document's own words) "fundamenttally change the Department's approach to homeland defense in an historic and important way.
DTS is the only system that can meet the full spectrum of cost, capability, security and savings requirements -- as well as the protection of personal information -- so important to the Defense Department and its global travelers.
In 2003, notes the Defense Department, Communist China became the second largest consumer and third largest importer of oil in the world.
Recently, the Defense Department got a taste of what headaches lie in store, when a faulty year 2000-related date calculation inappropriately removed from inventory 90,000 items in DLA`s materiel management system.
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