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the act of throwing someone or something out of a window

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The historic Defenestration of Prague took place in the adjoining Vladislav Hall in 1618, when three Catholics were thrown from a window by Protestants, marking the start of The Thirty Years War.
It was for some reason particularly associated with Prague where rioters made a habit of it There was one in 1419 at the Town Hall where a mob, demanding the release of prisoners, threw councillors out, and a more famous one - known as The Defenestration of Prague - in 1618 which heralded the 30 Years War when a gang of Protestant nobles threw two Catholic governors our of the window of the Royal Palace (they survived by landing on a dung heap).
The hard core of the volume consists of a series of early modern essays on the continuum of apocalyptic exploration from Thomas Muntzer's apocalypticism and mysticism (Eugene Honee) to Jane Dawson on the formative apocalyptic thinking of the Marian Exiles, and on to Nicolette Mout on the apocalyptic element in a series of rebellions in the Hapsburg Monarchy, from the Defenestration of Prague to the Hungarian uprisings of the later seventeenth century.
Recall that the Thirty Years' War was precipitated by the Defenestration of Prague in 1618, when the corrupt governors of Bohemia, following a brief trial, were defenestrated, thrown out the windows of Hradcany Castle.