Defender of the Faith

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a title that Leo X bestowed on Henry VIII and later withdrew

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1521: Pope Leo X conferred title of Defender of the Faith on Henry VIII.
After King Henry VIII divorced Catherine of Aragon, broke all ties with the Roman Catholic Church, established the Church of England with himself as Defender of the Faith and then dissolved the monasteries, adherence to Roman Catholicism became illegal.
He said: "I do not see how he could be Defender of the Faith of a church whose laws he is ignoring, being an admitted adulterer.
Prince Charles would like to be known as Defender of Faith instead of Defender of the Faith, a title borne by English monarchs since 1521.
And he considered changing the title of the King from Defender of the Faith to Defender of Faith, to celebrate the multicultural nature of modern Britain, only to be slapped down by the Archbishop of Canterbury.
Now, I know the royals are a ruthless bunch but can anybody believe that the Prince of Wales, and future Defender of the Faith would insist on these terms?
The sovereign will be known as Defender of Faith, instead of Defender of the Faith, a title borne by English monarchs since 1521.
WHEN a man comes to Liverpool bearing the official title of ``Holy Lord,Gentle Glory, Compassionate Defender of the Faith,Ocean of Wisdom'' you know he must be a pretty important visitor.
The Prince has previously caused controversy by suggesting his title as head of the Church of England of Defender of the Faith could be changed to Faiths.
The Queen would also feel every faith in Britain had a right to view her as a leader, he said: "She is the Queen of the whole nation and of whatever religion, and that statement doesn't in any way conflict with being a Defender of the Faith because we ar e still a nation which is predominantly influenced by Christianity.
The Queen is Defender of the Faith but while she speaks through the mouths of her ministers that message becomes more and more muddied as we learn to give up more and more for fear of offence.
Contrary to a widely held view, it was not founded by Henry VIII who resisted Protestantism and was rewarded with the title Defender of the Faith by the Pope.
conferred the title Defender of the Faith on Henry |VIII?
This is a moment for the reigning king to come out of his father's shadow and he has now announced himself as a defender of the Faith and the Arab world, no less.
We will see why Henry, a devout Catholic, rewarded by the Pope with the title, Defender Of The Faith for his book against Luther, rejected the papacy and placed the responsibility for the change in the hands of the ruthless Thomas Cromwell.