Defender of the Faith

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a title that Leo X bestowed on Henry VIII and later withdrew

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One can trace just how carefully develops the story to signify just who is the true defender of the faith and what faith is being defended.
The Monarch has been known by the title Defender of the Faith ever since the Pope bestowed the title on Henry VIII in 1521 for his early support for Roman Catholicism.
Mary I (Bloody Mary) reintroduced it when she married Philip II, King of Spain in 1554 in what must be one of the longest listing of titles of any British sovereign, "Philip and Mary, by the Grace of God, King and Queen of England, France, Naples, Jerusalem and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, Princes of Spain and Sicily, Archdukes of Austria, Dukes of Milan, Burgundy and Brabant," but the title "Dei Gratia" did not survive her death in 1588.
It is a curious fact that, in the early centuries which witnessed intense Muslim scientific activity, the major Qur'an commentaries are, generally, free of references to science, whereas today, when Muslim scientific activity has declined, many Muslims have supposedly found in science an ally and a defender of the faith of Islam.
Laurence will soon be back on the Dublin stage in a new play called Defender of The Faith.
In these texts she becomes the heroine of a new age: no longer defender of the faith against the papal Antichrist but a tragic individual in a world of vulgar and pragmatic bureaucrats (185), her identity no longer defined in relation to God or the commonwealth but by her relationships with her lovers (154-55).
Henry VIII, erstwhile defender of the faith for the pope, created the Church of England predominantly for family dynastic, fiscal and socio-political reasons.
He said the Queen's position as both commander in chief of the armed forces and defender of the faith made her Government's possession of nuclear arms treasonable.
He never claimed to be a zealous defender of the faith -- his absolute commitment to it obviated any need for such a defensive posture.
The Prince, who on his accession to the throne might be expected to take the title Defender of the Faith [of the established Church of England), has gone on record saying because of Britain's multi-cultural, multi-religious population this title may not be the most appropriate.
This is not the sort of behavior you expect from someone who belittles other writers' lack of rigor and assumes the role of defender of the faith.
We whose names are underwriten, the loyall subjects of our dread soveraigne Lord King James by the grace of God, of great Britaine, Franc, & Ireland king, defender of the faith, &c.
Catholic clergy leaders are also involved with Legatus -- recently the organization bestowed the Defender of the Faith Award on New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan, who has long supported the Legatus mission.
The Queen holds the title of Defender of the Faith and Supreme Governor of the Church of England but apparently our left-wing politicians won't be satisfied until they have stripped this country to the bone in their attack on our historical institutions.
In answer, I point out that the Holy Father described the English writer and convert as Defender of the Faith in a letter read at Chesterton's funeral.