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a contractor concerned with the development and manufacture of systems of defense

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BAE Systems is the UK's biggest defence contractor and is lead contractor for the aircraft carriers which are set to bring work to thousands of Tyneside workers.
Defence contractors have to be prepared to deal with lengthy processes and adhere to regulations as closely as possible to avoid penalties.
An extensive technology portfolio and R&D programmes will allow defence contractors to successfully foray into in the commercial market and compensate for the drop in revenues from defence.
has selected nine contractors including leading defence contractors and two IT vendors including BT and HP.
Gwen Kopsie, Director of International Strategic Partnerships for Boeing Defense, Space and Security, said: "Boeing supports the UAE's new offset policy which sets out to build a strong framework for long-term co-operation with its defence contractors to build a 'home-grown' industrial base.
Moreover, the wide array of logistics programmes in progress will create greater opportunities for private sector defence contractors as well as IT specialists.
The report concludes with outline descriptions of some of the more important UK defence contractors.
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