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a contractor concerned with the development and manufacture of systems of defense

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The British government has always understood the attraction of building what would be a world leading defence company but it had to be done on the basis it was in Britain's national interest," he said.
American defence company General Dynamics Land Systems is behind the biggest of the three contracts, valued at u16m.
The Newcastle-based defence company could be part of the Virginia-based giant within weeks if the u309m buyout bid is approved by industry watchdogs.
Mr Bischoff said building a jointly-run European defence company now had become "extremely difficult," with BAe unlikely to accept a partner on an equal basis.
EADS is the second largest aerospace and defence company in the world with revenues of 29.
A welter of talk about producing a pan-European defence company has brought claims that BAe and Dasa might be prepared to leave the French out.
8 billion and 103,000 employees, EADS European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company is the largest aerospace and defence company in Europe and number two worldwide.
Today's aerospace and defence company can no longer afford to focus exclusively on defence projects but instead must be able to work in a hybrid defence/commercial environment in order to survive.
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