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existing in fact whether with lawful authority or not

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It offers deFacto Performance Management application and deFacto Application Development Kit (ADK).
We are pleased with the outcome of those tests and look forward to working with DeFacTo in the future.
DeFacTo received Verific's HDL Component Software package, including an RTL database written in platform-independent C++ that compiles on Solaris, HP-UX, Linux and Windows platforms for both 32- and 64-bit compilers.
We welcome DeFacTo into the In-Sequence family, and look forward to bringing this new methodology to market soon.
Contract notice: Remove, supply and installation of guardrails and handrails on public property managed by defacto.
VMware Infrastructure is the defacto standard in data center virtualization," said Kevin Epstein, vice president of marketing for Scalent Systems.
Contract notice: Removal, supply and installation of guardrails and handrails on public land managed by defacto.
Their choice reinforces the Sterling Commerce position as the defacto business and technology standard trusted by the financial services market, where virtually every dollar that is moved among banks and with their business trading partners in the U.
Following the study of tourist behavior in 2013 by positioning the Lancea Development firm, Defacto wish to be accompanied to conduct a structured and effective retention strategy we recall how the main issues: developing La Defense as facilitator for Paris (posture B2b) and publicize Defense as host quality (posture B2c).
Their product line of Gateways and other broadband equipment, combined with their commitment to MoCA enabled products, furthers the MoCA ecosystem and MoCA as the defacto method for home networking entertainment over coax," said Ladd Wardani, MoCA President.
As part of its mission of promoting and animating the territory of Defense, Defacto, the owner and the business district of La Defense manager wants to organize its annual show, public (sound, lights, projections and pyrotechnics) to cultural and artistic character, aimed at a family audience, in keeping with the image and identity of the site of Defence and positioning Defacto.
MoCA is one of our key approaches, as it is the only standard on coax that can be used by all operator segments including cable, satellite, telco and terrestrial broadcast, and is thus destined to become the defacto coax home networking standard for delivery of HDTV home entertainment products for use in Asian and U.