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a tight-fitting hat with visors front and back

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Many of them have been colourful figures, including Stewart Headlam who stood bail for Oscar Wilde, Keir Hardie wearing his deerstalker hat, Tom Driberg with his secret and promiscuous homosexuality, Richard Acland the eccentric Lord who gave his estate to the National Trust, and Donald Soper on his soap box at Speakers Corner.
Another, dressed as sleuth Sherlock Holmes in trench coat and trademark deerstalker hat, carried a magnifying glass and searched for clues.
A film about a creaking Scottish reprobate in a threadbare deerstalker hat going to South Africa to bag his last big trophy would be strong enough.
The images show two men - one wearing a distinctive deerstalker hat - who police believe stole seven poppy tins in three days from various places in Solihull.
He was wearing jeans, a light grey hoody and a distinctive dark coloured Deerstalker hat with blue and yellow piping.
Police said he was wearing jeans, a light grey hoodie and a distinctive dark coloured Deerstalker hat with blue and yellow piping.
One of two "bold" posters featuring graphic images of dog mess shows a long-eared hound wearing a Sherlock Holmes-style deerstalker hat, and threatens law-breakers with a PS75 fine.
One, which is 7in by 9in and in colour, shows him smoking a pipe and wearing his Sherlock Holmes deerstalker hat.
Charlie, who appears on many of the page spreads, is a dog detective with the obligatory magnifying glass and deerstalker hat.
In these tales, readers join Holmes in his deerstalker hat, Inverness cape, and pipe; with magnifying glass and chemistry set in hand; observing the science of detective work; and collecting building blocks of clues -- "Data
The incident was also captured on CCTV, with Clay shown to be wearing a distinctive deerstalker hat.
Millie wears: Brown faux fur hooded coat, pounds 40, River Island; dark denim jeans, pounds 22, M&S; deerstalker hat, pounds 18, Topman; suede boots, pounds 26, from M&S
30pm saw Whitby wearing a deerstalker hat and sunglasses and Doyle with a scarf across his face.
Even more bizarrely, the whole show featured Ludwig being spied on by a strange, unseen man in a tweed deerstalker hat with large binoculars, usually from a hiding place in some nearby bushes.
You're so lovely, so sweet, so kind - I think I'll call you Bristols," he frothed into her ample chest, the earflaps on his fur-lined deerstalker hat going like Snoopy's ears during a particularly vivid dream about cats being put in wheelie bins.