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brownish New World mouse

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1970) that asexually reproducing tetrathyridia occur naturally in deer mice.
We utilized captures (not individuals) of the following species for the CCA analysis: pinyon mice, deer mice, Merriam's and obscure chipmunks pooled and California ground squirrels.
These data indicate that a robust population of deer mice was active at Curry Village in summer 2012.
8 kilograms), the island fox feeds primarily on native deer mice, beetles, crickets, and plant fruits.
Once the crops are harvested, the prairie deer mice remain, but the house mice leave and search for grassy areas with good cover.
The investigators selected deer mice as an animal model because males in this species depend upon enhanced navigational skills--a sexually selected trait--to seek out mates during the breeding season.
The mice/vole group consisted of deer mice (Peromyscus maniculatus) and red-backed voles (Clethrionomys gapperi).
One of the downsides to a poor acorn crop is that most wildlife are in poorer physical and reproductive condition at the end of the winter, including deer, turkey, quail, squirrels, and deer mice.
Other potential carriers include chipmunks, deer mice, coyotes and, rarely, black bears, said Dr.
The performance of the new biosensor device was evaluated by testing blind blood samples from 80 deer mice.
Hantavirus is potentially deadly to people and commonly spread to humans by deer mice through their droppings.
Because there were no more passenger pigeons eating acorns, far more acorn- eating deer mice were able to survive.
Deer mice are the main carriers of the deadly virus, which kills 40 percent of people infected.