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deciduous horn of a member of the deer family

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The problem is deer antlers might be quite good at breaking off tartar but they are so hard they crack the large molars at the back of the mouth.
Shawn Stevens, 38, was charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of elk antlers and unlawful possession of deer antlers.
Red deer antlers have been found as grave goods in some Mesolithic graves in France, Denmark and Sweden (Teviec, Hoedic, Vedbaek, Skateholm: Schulting 1996, 344, fig.
Venison steaKs cost around pounds 4 to pounds 5, and on on the internet shopping website eBay, deer antlers fetching from pounds 10 a pair - although royal stag antlers can fetch as much as pounds 90.
Josh won the task, choosing to style his model's luscious locks into two large deer antlers.
Their current products are animated trailer hitch covers (Hitch Critters), ornamental truck cab mounted Deer Antlers, and electronic gift card keepers, and pet supplies.
Hunting shed deer antlers was something new and different--and something he apparently naturally wanted to do," Christianson says.
He argued that these could well reflect explicitly ritualistic or ceremonial practices, reminiscent of the similar uses of deer antlers in many historically and ethnographically documented societies, ranging from the Tungus shaman rituals of northern Siberia to the Abbott's Bromley Horn Dance of contemporary British culture.
SOUTh KOREA: Police yesterday arrested a man who allegedly pocketed enormous profits by passing off cheap deer antlers imported from New Zealand as expensive homegrown items.
Vogel's practice of covering deer antlers in knitted wool, as she does in Dollarville 8 pointer, 2006, is even more emblematic of her concerns.
Among the many objects packed up were a 6ft tuna, a huge set of 10,000-year-old giant deer antlers and a bison.
We have been dealing with 125 years' accumulation of objects and items like the giant deer antlers, which we had records of but didn't know where they were, until we found them in the loft.
A massive set of Irish elk or Great Deer antlers sold recently in Bonhams for pounds 20,000.
We get parties from the local supermarkets and local solicitors - they all come in with their deer antlers and hats.
Big, beautiful lesbians shot pool under deer antlers and horseplayed with skinny smiling young gay men.