burial vault

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a burial chamber (usually underground)

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and went into the 5-foot deep vault, where one of them cut a 16,000-volt circuit, officials said.
Midway is a company with a deep vault of classic gaming franchises and reinventing some of those, such as AREA 51, is a core part of Midway's strategy for 2005 and beyond," said Steve Allison, chief marketing officer, Midway.
Other tracks making their online debut are: the deep vault track "It's Your Party," and his two super-rare late '50s Chess recordings with Harvey & The Moonglows ("Mama Loocie," "Twelve Months Of The Year").
With the combination of more than 25 million students attending 22,000 high schools and the preponderance of video cameras shooting most of these schools' events, VTV:Varsity Television plans to draw from a deep vault to launch its 24-hour satellite network in early summer 2001.
Features include: ancient graffiti art from the 14th century, a mediaeval maze of deep vaults and secret staircases, and enjoy the magnificent views from the 30 foot high glass bridge in Lady Alina's Chapel.