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(computer science) the smallest discrete component of an image or picture on a CRT screen (usually a colored dot)

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3 technology, with its high speed and deep color capabilities, PS3 will push the boundaries of audiovisual quality to the next level of more natural and smoother expression on the latest large flat panel displays.
Curated by the National's Jeffrey Weiss, the show traces Rothko's development from his early figurative expressionism through his mythographical explorations of the '40s and the floating zones of deep color that characterize his mature style - work that made him one of the most celebrated and influential forces in the midcentury triumph of American painting.
has highlighted key capabilities under development for the next version of High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) targeted for the first half of 2006, including support for deep color, higher speed and easier integration into personal computers.
To get the most mileage out of their deep color and round shape, Hellwegen contrasts them with fine-textured green foliage (as shown above).
The product is available in two shades, medium and deep color, and retails for $23.
With these pieces, the artist managed to give us both opulence, in the carefully orchestrated schemes of deep color and symbolic form, and a complex but pointed conceptual austerity, suggesting that what we are, in the words of Petropolous, "in memory of: in hope of" may always already elude us in the blankness of the framed abyss that is the work of art.
The world's first HD and 2K monitoring solution for new DisplayPort monitors that features deep color support, 3 Gb/s SDI, 3D interactive lookup tables and 6 channels of audio.
Its wide color gamut and up to 85 percent color saturation NTSC create deep color tones for brilliant, life-like imagery.
3 specification or later version supports Deep Color bit depths, and it defines bit depths for Deep Color as greater than 24-bits.
Their deep color management expertise is showcased in the design of the display and the calibration solution of the world's first color-critical LCD.
3a Inputs With 12-bit Deep Color for Vibrant Viewing Experience
In addition to being pin-compatible with Vativ's first-generation 3-input HDMI receiver (VTV2310), the new VTV2313 supports xvYCC and up to 36-bit Deep Color at 1080p and UXGA resolutions.