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(computer science) the smallest discrete component of an image or picture on a CRT screen (usually a colored dot)

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A cost-effective solution for projects requiring the transmission of audio and video signals over CATx at a maximum distance of 60 meters (200 feet), the SAPPHIRE PowerScale EX40 transmitter/receiver kit features HDMI Deep Color, full 3D and HDCP compliance.
The SiI9034 is pin-compatible with the SiI9134 Deep Color transmitter, enabling manufacturers to easily convert from HDMI 1.
lt;/p> <pre> deep color viper enemy face silver wrestle drop
Terry Widener's gorgeous illustrations and deep color palette evoke the arresting beauty of the islands.
In contrast, says GLS, Dynaflex adds value to the end product because it provides a smooth finish with deep color, and it is resistant to hand oils.
The latest work in the series, Untitled #202, 2001, completes the transition from light to dark background and subdued to deep color.
It contains proprietary fillers, colorants, and other additives that promote deep color, high gloss, and scratch/chip resistance.
Nebbiolo: A great red grape of Italy that produces wines with high tannin, deep color and intense flavors likened to coffee, leather, tar and even violets.
4 display resolutions such as 1080p 3D at 60Hz, and Ultra HD (4K x 2K) up to 30Hz frame rate, as well as 1080p with deep color.
Qdeo True Color is the first solution I have seen that can process this content and render contour-free natural-looking video on the new generation of Deep Color capable 10-bit and 12-bit digital TVs.
3 specification more than doubles HDMI's bandwidth and adds support for Deep Color technology, a broader color space, new digital audio formats, automatic audio/video synching capability ("lip sync"), and an optional smaller connector for use with personal photo and video devices.
To get the most mileage out of their deep color and round shape, Hellwegen contrasts them with fine-textured green foliage (as shown above).
Curated by the National's Jeffrey Weiss, the show traces Rothko's development from his early figurative expressionism through his mythographical explorations of the '40s and the floating zones of deep color that characterize his mature style - work that made him one of the most celebrated and influential forces in the midcentury triumph of American painting.