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cooking to a brown crispiness over a fire or on a grill

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Mohammed Omollo replied with two penalties for the deejays who trailed 19-6 at the interval.
Each station recorded the script using a voiceover best suited for its audience, often from their well-recognized deejay.
8FM deejay Rafi, who has been with the station for over 15 years, said the revamp will mean more "exciting times ahead" for the station.
DJ Cutman, a passionate and prolific deejay and producer of Chiptune, synthesized electronic music produced by the sound chips of vintage computers, video game consoles and arcade machines, as well as video game remixes.
Convinced it was not a prank, Jakeman agreed to audition Ashman, only for the Prime Minister to expose that it was a Gotcha call by putting the deejays back on the line.
When Stacious recently commandeered the stage at a video release party for fellow deejay Flexxx, she was officially presented as the "First Lady of the Gully Squad," Mavado's otherwise all-male crew, a simultaneously potent yet pressure-filled position when considering the expectations.
Passman noted that other deejays at lesser stations here were left in the dust, but they were smart enough to know their limits ".
This lets clients provide access to new music products to a global community of deejays.
This is why the krayzee boffins are so fond of making those whacky discoveries so beloved of tabloids and deejays the world over.
I'm delighted with how it has turned out and a lot of the deejays seem to like it out there.
Deejays would "toast," or improvise rhymes over dub mixes spun by the selecter, to the great delight of the assembled dancers and, as time went on and the popularity of the practice grew, to the delight of Jamaican and English record buyers as well.
A segment called ``This Week in Beatles History'' is also scheduled, plus an opportunity for residents to become guest deejays.
Government-sponsored Tokyo designers produced the Tokyo Wonder Site--an extraordinary display of visionary talent in two containers, with two competing deejays ensconced atop each one, blaring funky beats in wicked polyrhythms.
Ernie Gaskin had a good night in the first round on Tuesday and it should be more of the same this evening with both his Hopeful Moment and Deejays Scores fancied to double up when they go in the 8.