deed of trust

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a written instrument legally conveying property to a trustee often used to secure an obligation such as a mortgage or promissory note

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2 of the negative pledge document attached to the deed of trust as Appendix B, will be replaced with the following text:
The company paid $149,672 to release the missed deed of trust.
When MERS is the mortgagee, the mortgage or deed of trust is recorded, and all recording fees are paid.
As additional security the county will convey the mortgaged property consisting of Mallard Creek High School and Flat Branch Elementary School to the deed of trust trustee for the benefit of the Corporation.
Each loan is secured by a first mortgage or deed of trust lien on the borrower's fee simple estate in a multifamily or commercial property.
The 2006 COPs are further secured by a deed of trust granting a first lien of record on the middle school property for the benefit of the corporation.
5 million deed of trust loan from Column Financial, Inc.
As additional security for the city's payments, a deed of trust grants a first lien on the police headquarters to be constructed and its site for the benefit of certificate-holders.
34 million in cash with The Bank of New York, the corporate trustee, to satisfy the annual maintenance and replacement fund requirement of its mortgage and deed of trust.
The bonds will also be secured by a leasehold deed of trust and security agreement, granting a mortgage on FCEDA's leasehold interest in favor of the trustee.
The certificates evidence 100% of the beneficial ownership interest in a trust fund, which consists of 28 mortgage loans secured by either a first mortgage or deed of trust lien on the fee simple ownership interest in a manufactured housing community.