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deductive reasoning in which a conclusion is derived from two premises

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Bradley's problem, we are told, is to explain how deductive inference can be "useful" (that is, go beyond what is stated in the premises) while at the same time remaining "legitimate" (that is, justified in a non *Books received are acknowledged in this section by a brief resume, report, or criticism.
If deductive inference abstracts directly from data, while inductive inference is based on but extrapolates partially beyond data, abductive inference extrapolates still further (p.
Boghossian attempts to show that these are incompatible, because together they imply that a person can come to know empirical facts a priori, by deductive inference from their knowledge of their own thoughts and knowledge of the doctrine of externalism.
This book demonstrates the possibility of transforming machine learning algorithms into integrated commonsense reasoning processes in which inductive and deductive inferences correlate and support one another.
The author then resumes arguments for the possible immortality of the soul, which are characterized by the following: (1) their use of deductive inferences from the soul's nature in its indivisibility and in its natural indestructibility (for a soul can only be destroyed by a divine annihilation); (2) their interactional non-Cartesian dualism; (3) their ethical approach; and (4) their logic based upon religious beliefs.