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deductive reasoning in which a conclusion is derived from two premises

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A mathematical sentence can perform the function of helping us to make deductive inferences from some concrete sentences to other concrete sentences, sentences that are rendered true or false by the concrete world.
Plainly by showing that it conforms to the general rules of deductive inference.
This simple example illustrates the basic principles that apply to more complex applications, that symbolic models can be represented as graphs and that deductive inference results in additions to these graphs.
Praxeology is a deductive process inquiring into purposeful human action through means and ends analysis, starting from first principles determining logical choices, and reasoning to a deductive inference.
10) However, when we do so, it comes out as the extreme case of a deductive inference, and indeed a deductive inference which goes through precisely because of the randomization of the treatment.
Hume argues that there cannot be a sound deductive inference to the conclusion that every event has some cause (Bk.
The focus of this paper is the prima facie plausible view, expressed by the principle of Counter-Closure, that knowledge-yielding competent deductive inference must issue from known premises.
But this amounts to assuming that each invalid deductive inference could be inductively correct.