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a doctor's degree in education

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Davutoy-lu still claims that Alevi dedes need to be educated.
It's the first time Lantz has been paired up with Dedes, who has been doing Lakers radio since his hiring before the 2005-06 season.
The meeting was to be secret, but Dedes leaked details to Greek journalists.
What they do is take Alevi dedes to Iran's city of Qum to use them for their plans.
Euzdemir also claimed that Iran had plans to raise Alevi children as spies and send to cem houses -- Alevi places of worship -- as dedes.
And up behind him, Dedes is in his third year doing radio play-by-play for the Lakers on KLAC-AM (570).
These days, the 29-year-old Dedes refers to the 47-year-old Breen as not just his confidant and chief constructive critiquer, but "my broadcasting hero.
Dedes, who grew up in NewJersey and listened to Breen do Knicks games, said getting the complimentary call from Breen "was like an aspiring business student all of the sudden hearing from Bill Gates.
He's not been just a mentor, but someone I pattern myself around," Dedes said about Breen.
The purpose was for Dedes, Fordham University class of 2001, to finally meet Vin Scully, Fordham University class of 1949.
That was just amazing,'' Dedes recalled the other day, resting up in an Indianapolis hotel before going out to do another game on the Lakers' current extended road trip.
Fordham alumni newsletters aside, if somewhere down the road Dedes ends up being mentioned in the same class of Scully, it won't come as much of a surprise to many in the business.