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(Greek mythology) an Athenian inventor who built the labyrinth of Minos


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Co-founder Eric Lane describes Fontoon as "an archetypal Dedalus novel: absurdly funny, erudite, grotesquely surreal and totally unique.
Stephen Dedalus and his creator are only two of the landmark figures of modern Anglophone Irish literature that McKibben's study can and should fascinatingly recontextualize relative to the Irish language poetic tradition.
The protagonists of Ulysses are Leopold Bloom, aged thirty-eight, and Stephen Dedalus, probably twenty-two, who encounter a host of Dublin characters, some of whom had been described earlier in a collection of short stories, Dubliners.
Dedalus on Crete: Essays on the Implications of Joyce's Portrait.
Mizzy is Cunningham's Stephen Dedalus," noted the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, "but unlike the Joycean original, he gets no platform of his own and never really comes alive.
James Joyce famously described history as a nightmare from which his literary alter ego, Stephen Dedalus, was trying to awake.
And here is where the major difficulty with Beckett's Dedalus begins and ends.
The exhibition was curated by Michael Mahnke of the Dedalus Foundation (dedalusfoundation.
Joyce's Portrait provides the summation of this movement, in Ziolkowski's account, when Stephen Dedalus rejects his Catholic education and takes on the vocation of re-creating the framework for human meaning by forging an entirely new artistic language, worked out by the author later in Ulysses, but especially in Finnegan's Wake.
While Hans Castorp, Stephen Dedalus, and Leopold Bloom are cast as heroes in ancient myths of return, in the confusion of the present day no character completes his story.
Featuring the highest technical recording standards in the audio book industry, the Brilliance Corporation's production of "Ulysses Moore: The Isle of Masks is the unabridged audiobook rendition of an outstanding young adult adventure novel following three children hot on the trail of famous inventor, Peter Dedalus.
Throw in some formal ideas borrowed from the Bible and Joyce and you've pretty much got my original ideas (the Jews wandering in the desert, Bloom and Dedalus searching for each other - not knowing it - in Nighttown).
Artichoke Wine by Macdara Woods, Dedalus Press, 2006, $18.
And I, for one, am hoping that Dedalus decide to publish other classic works featuring the intrepid Rouletabille.