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the body of codified laws governing the affairs of a Christian church

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Historical criticism provided the basis for Dollinger's rejection of the Pseudo-Isidorian decretals and other forged documents on which new papal claims were based.
On February 10, 385, Pope Siricius wrote a decretal in response to the question posed by Himerius, bishop of Tarragona in Spain, regarding the reception of heretics into the Catholic Church.
En la seva produccio intel-lectual de caire juridic destaquen les glosses al Decret de Gracia i, sobretot, la famosa compilacio de les Decretals, promulgades el 1234 i en vigor fins al codi de dret canonic del papa sant Pius x (1904).
47) What becomes obvious is that during this period Luther was beginning to believe that the pope's policies and decretals were fundamentally antichristian.
Duggan, 'Aspects of Anglo-Portuguese Relations in the Twelfth Century: Manuscripts, Relics, Decretals and the Cult of St Thomas Becket at Lorvao, Alcobaca and Tomar', Portuguese Studies, 14 (1998), 1-19.
Foxcroft chose The Commentaries of Cardinal de Tudeschis (Panormitanus) upon the Decretals, printed by Michael Wenssler in Basle in 1477.
Watt, "Jews and Christians in the Gregorian Decretals," Studies in Church History 29 (1992): 93-105.
It consisted in the Decretum Gratiani and the Decretales Gregorii IX or Decretals of Pope Gregory IX and was published in 1234.
Rabelais ridiculed the "Papimaniacs," who fetishize the pope and his utterances, the "Holy Decretals.
He could even adopt the stridency of a psalmist and the imprecations of a prophet in his political letters: those ardent and cutting encyclicals of outrage he hurled as rebuttals to papal decretals, imitating and exaggerating their tone and their dependence upon biblical citations.
Unlike most conferences of religious figures, The Parliament of the World's Religions neither lectured the public nor concentrated on ecclesiastical window dressing of canons or constitutions or decretals.
Non-English texts, however, also feature in the essays by Andrew Taylor and Mark Sherman: Taylor's piece studies a Latin manuscript, the Smithfield Decretals, and Sherman takes Dante's Commedia as the central text within his concluding piece on 'Problems of Bakhtin's Epic: Capitalism and the Image of History'.
Clerical continence in the fourth century: three papal decretals," Theological Studies, Vol.
Until the nineteenth century all Roman pronouncements were classed as "bulls and constitutions, decretals and briefs".
In it, it is imperiously commanded "under pain of excommunication, in addition to the penalties imposed by the Sacred Canons, Decretals, Bulls, etc.