bypass capacitor

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a capacitor that provides low impedance over certain (high) frequencies

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The SnPb termination LGA Decoupling Capacitors are ideal for high speed decoupling of military and aerospace CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs and ASICs.
Decoupling capacitors must be placed between all adjacent plane pairs within a specified grid density.
Unlike flows that rely on spreadsheets for pre-layout decoupling capacitor studies, OptimizePI fully automates analysis set-up with the creation of a design template and a checklist flow that gives users a simple way to describe key design elements such as stack-up attributes, plane size and shape, decoupling capacitor placement guidelines and a library of candidate decoupling capacitors.
First resonant frequency for various decoupling capacitor grid densities and 5-mil spacing between planes.
To enable this return path change from one plane to the other, the planes are connected through decoupling capacitors placed locally to the via transitions.
OptimizePI considers both component and manufacturing costs during its automated selection and placement of decoupling capacitors.
AVX Corporation, a leading manufacturer of advanced passive components, has received the 2006 Product of the Year award from Electronic Products for the Land Grid Array (LGA) low inductance decoupling capacitor.
As other applications for incorporating embedded capacitance layers are being examined (such as the modules used in cell phones and laptop PCs) the ability to predict the number of discrete decoupling capacitor components that can be safely removed is likely to be critical in the decision of whether or not to use the technology.
The ICs also tend to be surrounded by decoupling capacitors, which also act as stitching capacitors.
High integration: The DRV8848 can operate without current sense resistors, leaving supply decoupling capacitors as the only external components required for operation.
Iyer spoke of the value that the silicon interposer offers where decoupling capacitors can be integrated into the thin film layers on the silicon substrate.
They also act like a switching gate and may require decoupling capacitors to be placed nearby to reduce EMI.