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a small ornamental box for carrying snuff in your pocket

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You could store the paperwork in decorative boxes and patterned files which could even match or complement the decor of your room.
Castilian, based here, has introduced a 19-piece Smithsonian Collection line, Including vases, trays, decorative boxes, wall art and a garden bench inspired by objects, concepts and architectural details in and around Smithsonian's 18 museums and archives.
Linley designs pieces ranging from decorative boxes to pieces of furniture such as coffee or console tables through to whole interiors.
Contemporary settings and short of -space student rooms call for minimalist steel racks, floor standing towers or decorative boxes.
They create a series of boxes, using hand tools and progressing to machine tools, incrementally building skills that lead to making hardwood tables and beautiful decorative boxes.
Next to it is another of those decorative boxes, this one in the shape of a screaming man.
Uses for the wood include cabinet work, marquetry, musical instruments, carving, decorative fittings, billiard cues and butts, drum sticks, organ pipes and decorative boxes and turned bowls.
Detectives from Scotland Yard's specialist arts and antiques unit also recovered a large number of decorative boxes and rock crystal stolen in the burglary at Madresfield Court near Malvern, Worcestershire, in March.
For those with big budgets for any occasion, hand-delivered invitations in a box are all the rage, say numerous professionals who have stuffed their decorative boxes with everything from chocolate shoes to exquisite sea shells to laser-cut paper flowers.
Growth prospects for secondary pharmaceutical containers will benefit from the expanding use of decorative boxes on drugs switched from prescription to nonprescription status as well as on private label, over-the-counter medicines.
The watches are packaged in decorative boxes with attached explanations of the art.
Easy-to-Make Decorative Boxes and Desk Accessories.
You can also toss remotes or other gadgets you have lying around into decorative boxes with fun flower patterns for spring.
Celebrations is selling HomArt wooden matches in decorative boxes and Colonial Candles votives for $10 each now through Jan.
com Carron double-ended, rolltop cast-iron bath, [euro]1,175, Victorian Plumbing Set of decorative boxes, [euro]7.