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a small ornamental box for carrying snuff in your pocket

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Arbie Williams in the United States creates quilts from old trousers; Lawrence Mayers in Trinidad creates "pans" -- turned steel drums -- from empty oil drums; Assane Faye in Senegal creates decorative boxes and other objects from scrap metal; Jose Ignacio Criollo in Ecuador creates elaborate festival headdresses from a truly astonishing variety of found objects; and Lee Carter (designer) in the United States works cooperatively with Roberto Granados Chaves (tinsmith) in Mexico creating art objects-de-kitsch from recycled sheet tin.
Growth prospects for secondary pharmaceutical containers will benefit from the expanding use of decorative boxes on drugs switched from prescription to nonprescription status as well as on private label, over-the-counter medicines.
The watches are packaged in decorative boxes with attached explanations of the art.
Easy-to-Make Decorative Boxes and Desk Accessories.
You can also toss remotes or other gadgets you have lying around into decorative boxes with fun flower patterns for spring.
The contract is a construction material for the production of men~s ties and Women~s indoor scarves, sewing men~s tie and Women~s indoor headscarves in the required quantity, production of decorative boxes on men~s ties and Women~s indoor scarves, packing of goods, and deliver it in the required quantity, all according to documents and instructions of the contracting authority.
Celebrations is selling HomArt wooden matches in decorative boxes and Colonial Candles votives for $10 each now through Jan.
com Carron double-ended, rolltop cast-iron bath, [euro]1,175, Victorian Plumbing Set of decorative boxes, [euro]7.
Strongwater's Wanderlust collection of bejeweled frames and decorative boxes made their New York debut here.
But once you've got the hang of it, you can shape animals around chicken wire - adult help required to cut and shape the wire - as well as treating it like clay to make decorative boxes or small ornaments.
Contemporary settings and short of -space student rooms call for minimalist steel racks, floor standing towers or decorative boxes.
Contemporary settings and short-of-space student rooms call for minimalist steel racks, floor standing towers, or just simple but decorative boxes.
Designers are also creating decorative boxes that come with removable labels consumers can hold onto long after they take their purchases home.
It has long been a favorite for making carpenters' tools and cutlery; decorative boxes are also made from rosewood.
It reported the fastest-growing categories in the home accessories segment are frames; tabletop gifts; vases, urns, pots; and decorative boxes and tins.