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legal holiday in the United States, last Monday in May

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The Decoration Day Reenactment not only reminds us of the terrible cost war brings, but it also reminds us of how our modern-day Memorial Day got its start.
The first such incident was the first Decoration Day that I can remember, where an Air National Guard plane dropped flowers for us to place on the graves of Civil War soldiers in Sharpsburg, Maryland, and where I first remember hearing "Taps" played, and echoed by multiple buglers throughout the cemetery.
At my boyhood home in Illinois, the holiday was still informally known as Decoration Day, but it called for decoration of all graves, whether or not they contained war dead or even military veterans.
Gateacre community comprehensive hosted a unique decoration day, involving children from nine schools, to create what will be the first penguin colony.
Years later, the name of the holiday was changed from Decoration Day to Memorial Day to pay homage to all the nation's dead veterans.
Kelvin Grove Community Primary School is holding a decoration day where 400 pupils, staff and parents will come together to help make decorations.
Williams was born in 1874, graduated in 1899 from Kenyon college (where he captained the last football team to beat Ohio State) and then some fifty years after he left the family farm, wrote a series of letters which included essays on Decoration Day at the country church and on Christmas celebrations at the church in town.
Logan is also notable for conceiving Decoration Day, which later became Memorial Day, being friends with President Grant, and abandoning his white supremacist attitudes after the war.
Simcoe: Loyalist Decoration Day, Woodhouse United Church with 3 flags placed at Loyalist tombstones.
Their latest album, Decoration Day focuses on the extraordinary songwriting talents of the band's lead guitarist Allen Maslen.
Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day when the tradition of decorating Civil War graves began in 1866.
Originally named Decoration Day, as people would honor the fallen by decorating their graves, Memorial Day continues to honor our soldiers through parades, memorials, and moments of silence across America.
WASHINGTON -- The first Memorial Day -- then called Decoration Day -- was celebrated May 30, 1868, three years after the end of the Civil War to honor the Union dead.
Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day and celebrated on May 30, began in 1868 at the behest of John Logan of Illinois, a major general in the Union Army during the Civil War who afterward was elected to the U.