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a school of architecture based on the philosophical theory of deconstruction

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Consisting of a five-story slab to the southeast connected to an 11-story tower to the north, there is no volumetric daring-do to the structure, no spiraling forms or sharply angled masses, such as we have come to expect from other architects who use the Deconstructivist idiom.
There is probably no architect in America as brashly rebellious and "high concept" as Mayne, a 67-year-old Los Angeles-based architect whose name is virtually synonymous with the deconstructivist movement.
4 Michael Asher (Santa Monica Museum of Art, CA) One of the venerable fathers of institutional critique, Asher wittily inverted its deconstructivist modes with his decision to rebuild every temporary wall ever constructed at the Santa Monica Museum over a decade of exhibitions.
Nevertheless, Gehry's virtuosity and experimentation allowed for his inclusion, alongside a younger generation, in the New York Deconstructivist Architecture exhibition (also 1988), with its ambitions to forge a hyper-Modernist avant-garde.
Defining his book negatively - as a kind of anti-sociological contribution to a perceived culture war between a coalition of neo-Marxist, feminist, postmodernist, New-Historicist, deconstructivist canon-busters on the one hand and proponents of literature on the other - Loving defensively explains, "Rather [than a sociological argument], I present a narrative in which I encounter and experience these twelve writers, after twenty-five years of reading and teaching American literature.
But seen from the sides, that mass quickly uncoils into a sequence of sharp angles that are expressive of the Deconstructivist idiom in which Norten often likes to work.
But it is wrong to think that this is different from the post-war morality that said new buildings must be (spiritually) clean and white (where 'nothing' IS something), or, later, should for example reflect a deconstructivist view of the world.
And yet, despite that coherence, the aesthetic that defines this project, and the work of DSR in general, is the Deconstructivist style.
And the work also owes something to deconstructivist architectural projects like Daniel Libeskind's proposed extension to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London or Coop Himme(l)blau's UFA Cinema Center in Dresden.
Libeskind has also produced a textbook example of Deconstructivist archi tecture, and for the most appropriate possible programme--a celebration of the human capacity for destruction.
But what makes it fundamentally different both from that building and from other neo-modernist buildings in New York -- Jean Nouvel's 40 Mercer Street being an exemplar of the style -- is that it has a degree of self-awareness, even an irony, that we usually associate with more radical aspects of the deconstructivist style, not to mention the classical post-modernism of the 1980s.
Resembling a series of urban follies -- not unlike English provincial versions of Tschuml's Deconstructivist interventions at La Villette (AR August 1989) -- the shelters share a common language of contorted metal planes and vivid colour.
But in the process, the deconstructivist idiom, once so radical, has been thoroughly defanged.
34) Decorated ducks come in a variety of plumage, yet even as the styles of appearance differ (a deconstructivist zigzag here, a techno-perfect lingam there), the logic of effect remains much the same.
He admits that the strange result was generated by 'passion', and that the tilts are made as a symbol of 'the contemporary deconstructivist architecture'.