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a philosophical theory of criticism (usually of literature or film) that seeks to expose deep-seated contradictions in a work by delving below its surface meaning

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Conversely, deconstructionists argue that meanings and definitions are not absolute but involve the spin-of a potentially endless play of signifiers rather than a concept tied firmly to the tail of a particular signifier.
Still, the essay does, amidst seemingly random observations, regularly reiterate Derrida's Deconstructionist principles about reading as an activity ever "tormented, risky, bold, aporetic" (p.
Derrida's was only one of many anguished, exculpatory responses by deconstructionists to the revelations about de Man's flirtations with Nazism.
They am like deconstructionists and post-modernists who say that everything is political or that everything is ideology.
He also makes a good case for establishing Burroughs as a pioneering Postmodemist whose early "cut-up" writings and theories of language anticipate the work of Derrida and the deconstructionists.
But this was the '8os, and good-bye to all that--at least for the first several years of the decade, when skirmishes between exuberantly overreaching neo-expressionists and theory-intoxicated, style-savvy deconstructionists kept the art world on the run.
Hillis Miller, Stanley Fish, and other deconstructionists who have critiqued established notions of truth and certainty is the logical fallacy, whereby they argue for the truth of the proposition that there is no truth.
Barbara Johnson's 1984 "Metaphor, Metonymy, and Voice" marks the novel's adoption by deconstructionists; this unquestionably canonical essay (along with Johnson's equally powerful 1985 essay "Thresholds of Difference: Structures of Address in Zora Neale Hurston," not included in the Casebook) offers an exhilarating deconstructionist tour through the novel, showing deconstruction at its best, by both opening a text and challenging its readers.
Only very clever people and literary deconstructionists will know why Alan Bennett loathes Mr Blair's dystopia.
Deconstructionists gleefully propounded oxymetaphors through the 1980s and 1990s, although the momentum of deconstruction had slowed.
Deconstructionists, pragmatists and New Historicists certainly make assertions and criticize opposing views, just as traditional thinkers did.
Tenure-track deconstructionists assure their classes that all aesthetic assumptions about, say, Shakespeare are arbitrary.
He deplores the recent razoring of literature by critics - the tribes of structuralists, postmodernists, deconstructionists.
The "others" of Salvations are not Carson's postmodernists and deconstructionists but such important Christian pluralists as John Hick, Wilfred Cantwell Smith, and Paul Knitter.
no Marxists, no deconstructionists, no positivists, etc.