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The meeting also touched on the decentralization approach in the governorates to boost citizens' participation in the decision-making process to come up with policies that help in the development of their communities.
by Committee on Evaluation of the Presumptive Disability Decision-Making Process for Veterans.
Supervisors learned to carefully document decisions made in management team meetings to ensure effective follow-through and increase the credibility of the decision-making process.
According to Hiller, "The bill doesn't actually improve the transparency in the Commission decision-making process.
The decision-making process involves helping students make appropriate decisions for themselves in their daily lives, and planning for their futures after high school.
The intended audience is mid-to-senior civilian defense and military officers from the Ministry of Defense, Chancelleries, and Parliament involved in the decision-making process and management of the armed forces.
Ron Bass, a regulatory, and legal specialist with the environmental planning and management firm Jones & Stokes, says, "NEPA introduced what was at the time a fairly revolutionary process, whereby the whole government decision-making process was opened up in a way that it was never opened up before; Agencies had to study environmental impacts, they had to disclose them, and they had to let the public in.
They offer a decision-making process in which the regulator (the public child welfare agency) works with the family in a respectful mode that assumes that the family group (if not necessarily the parents) has both the capacity and the caring concern to come into compliance with the law and community standards so that children are protected from abuse and neglect.
5 of its BI business intelligence solution for use in the corporate decision-making process.
Springs, Maryland, agrees that for many women leaders the decision-making process is as significant as the decision itself.
In contrast, the infrastructure needed for Air Force reserve enclaves was more defined during the decision-making process.
The goal of every right-minded individual should be to squeeze out abuses and restore confidence in the decision-making process that governs CEO compensation--but to do it in a way that doesn't destroy the ability of CEOs to earn handsome incomes.
They are part of the decision-making process but are sometimes overlooked by straight advertising.
The purpose of the working panel is to provide additional resources in the decision-making process for high-impact, complex issues.
Russo, from Cornell University, and Schoemaker, at the University of Chicago, offer in-depth analysis of the decision-making process and break it down to four stages.
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