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Parson's Vision of the Career Decision Making Process
By embracing the existence of a conflict, almost celebrating it as an important aspect of civic life, the conflict is less likely to continue to undermine the community and to exert a continual drag on the decision making process.
s current custody decision making process reveal flaws in the system, possible biases among mediators, and the continuing lack of real attempts to consider - and bring about - the best interests of the child.
It provides a theoretically robust and practically relevant up to date guide to the property investment decision making process for REITs.
Limited English proficiency and/or lack of interpreters may limit their access to the decision making process (Sileo, Sileo, & Prater, 1996).
As the field of assistive technology advances and more professionals and support persons are brought into the decision making process, it is important to focus on the opinions and needs of the individuals using the device.
They will realize it was just a smoke screen to the real decision making process.