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Synonyms for decimal

a proper fraction whose denominator is a power of 10

a number in the decimal system

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numbered or proceeding by tens


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However all students had difficulty reading the height of a child in whole metres and tenths and they could not order decimals correctly.
But it has not been heavily enough underlined that punters - old or new - were presented not with the familiar decimal figures, inclusive of stake, used by the Tote and betting exchanges.
In his paper, Paul White compares the relative advantages of the decimal and pentimal (base 5) number systems, and investigates some properties of numbers less than one in the pentimal system.
40 will allow our customers to easily respond to the securities industry's move from fractional to decimal pricing," comments Len Yates, the company's founder and president.
In January, the SEC ordered the securities markets to begin quoting stock and option prices in decimals by July 3.
Brokers and investors can select their preferred trading environment - decimals or fractions.
Instead, a group of students who are being introduced to decimal notation or a sub-group of the class with difficulties with decimals would work with them.
You can understand fractions easily by reading from right to left, but with decimals it's much harder.
On a 1,000-share order, the investor trading in decimals can save more than $50 over an investor using old-fashioned fractions.
Beginning Tuesday, stocks tables in the Daily News Business section will be listed in decimals, rather than fractions.
The HP 30S can convert fractions to decimals and decimals to fractions, as well as metric to imperial and vice versa.
In our first article, Ann Roche identifies some of the common misconceptions associated with decimals and some teaching strategies to address these misconceptions.
Has Racing For Change missed the fact that the Tote have been using decimals for a long time and take is falling year on year.
Straightforward field expansion to accommodate both decimals and