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Synonyms for decimal

a proper fraction whose denominator is a power of 10

a number in the decimal system

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numbered or proceeding by tens


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Thus, the decimal number corresponding to the binary number
Thus, the fractional decimal number corresponding to the fractional binary
By summing the equations (17) and (18), we see that the decimal number corresponding to the binary number
The teachers' manual accompanying the most widely used elementary mathematics textbook suggests that the two main ideas about fraction concepts are (1) fractions are useful to denote the quantity less than 1 unit, and (2) fractions are numbers just like whole numbers and decimal numbers.
Students are familiar with number lines as a representation of whole numbers and decimal numbers (except for those students who use Sawada & Okamoto (2002), which introduces fractions before decimal numbers).
Moreover, by using fractional amounts that cannot be expressed by a decimal number with one decimal place (e.
However, my purpose was to describe algorithms that can be used to convert between the pentimal and decimal number systems.
One such cue with decimal numbers is the familiarity of the digits used.
Teachers should incorporate one or two lessons with decipipes into a unit on decimal numbers.
A first response to what we know about the persistence of students' intuitive strategies for working with decimal numbers is to recognise that even the clearest of teacher explanations may be insufficient.
Thus, in order to succeed in winning the game, children also realise that the inputting of decimal numbers is required when playing Guestimate.
As illustrated in Figure 2 the students readily employed decimal numbers to play the game.
JMoney provides precision arithmetic for calculating decimal numbers to 15 digits.