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Synonyms for decimal

a proper fraction whose denominator is a power of 10

a number in the decimal system

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numbered or proceeding by tens


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The geometric series is very useful for converting a binary number into a decimal number.
Those mathematical ideas are multiplication and division operations with whole numbers, decimal numbers, and measurement.
Question 4 on both pre and post test asked the students to decide on a Dewey decimal number, for example the 200s or 300s, for placement of a book on a particular topic.
Each entry contains information on suitable grade levels, adaptor or translator, illustrations, series title, date of publication, publisher and price, ISBN, review citations, and the Dewey Decimal number, with a brief annotation.
However, my purpose was to describe algorithms that can be used to convert between the pentimal and decimal number systems.
Using our Best-of-Web Directory, a visitor will be able to find links to all the best Web sites on theatre, for example, and then, using the Dewey Decimal number or subject headings for that topic, zip over to their local public library and quickly and easily find books on theatre.
I recall a Northridge Junior High math teacher who was so incredibly inept at explaining the intricacies of the decimal number system that he would become swept up in theoretical arguments with 13-year-olds--and lose.
After establishing the impact of zero in a decimal number, I often use only numerical cards and ask students to order the cards to demonstrate their understanding and abilities to work with the abstract forms of decimal notation.
The most common errors indicate that these students were not familiar with which place represents the value stated and appeared to "write" the decimal number using whole number knowledge (e.
The app provides unlimited learning on more than 1,000 math topics organized around 15 categories: counting and place values, comparing numbers, fractions, decimal numbers, geometry, logic, math word problems, customary and metric length, volume, and mass, mental math, number lines and graphs, and operations (+ - x |).
Mr Faulks concluded they had undertaken some training but remained "relatively innumerate" when presented with decimal numbers.
Number sense and numeration, Grades 4 to 6: Decimal numbers.
Is the invention in actuality only a mathematical algorithm, such as a computer program designed to convert binary-coded decimal numbers into binary numbers?
Once we select Decimal, a new Data Validation dialog box similar to the one in exhibit 5 (at right) appears, with choices that relate to decimal numbers.