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the act of changing to a decimal system

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Predictably, the American Rule has spread exactly nowhere since its inception at the same time as the decimal coinage system.
The tiara also featured in the portrait introduced at the start of decimal coinage in 1968.
During the fourth year of the reign of Emperor Meiji, Japan adopted a gold standard under the New Currency Act of 1871, and it marked the start of the modern era of Japanese decimal coinage.
Its headquarters in Llantrisant was officially opened by the Queen in 1968 in readiness for the introduction of decimal coinage.
In the days prior to decimal coinage, this amounted to a reduced journey length for the minimum fare of 3d, fares for schoolchildren would double to 4d, and all-night fares would be increased from 10d to 1s.
1971: Britain changed to decimal coinage on Decimal Day.
IWELL remember the first day of the new decimal coinage on February 15, 1971.
DCB, " Memos, press releases", Decimal Coinage Designs, 30 May 1966.
Another popular collectable stemming back to well before the present decimal coinage system is the fountain pen.
Recalling the fuss that went on when decimal coinage was introduced, it's perhaps no wonder that weights and measures have clung on to their imperial heritage.
I can remember when decimal currency came in - there were TV adverts paid for by the Government to explain to the young and old how to count in decimal coinage and check you were getting the right change.
Anyway, I have always found the decimal coinage system far simpler than pounds, shillings and pence, which was confusing to put it lightly.
The figure which had first been used on Roman coins had adorned many British coins for hundreds of years and there was widespread disquiet that the figure would disappear form the country's new decimal coinage.
After inspecting the houses, both women decided to rent one each for half a crown - that's 12-and-a-half pence in decimal coinage.
The following year, he won a competition to design the first decimal coinage for Australia and since then has designed coinage and medallions for more than 30 countries.