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one of the first temporary teeth of a young mammal (one of 20 in children)

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Therefore, it is critical to protect deciduous teeth and to improve the treatment of deciduous pulp.
Keywords Pediatric dentistry, deciduous teeth, pulp treatment, endodontic treatment
Extraction of the deciduous teeth and guiding the transposed tooth into its normal location can be accomplished, while maintaining the space with space maintainers.
The panoramic radiography developed from CBCT confirmed deciduous teeth retention, permanent teeth impaction, and delayed development with abnormal roots and multiple supernumerary teeth.
The ICDAS scores D1-2 indicate the caries lesions without a cavity in permanent teeth and d1-2 in deciduous teeth, and D3-6 and d3-6 indicate caries with a cavity in permanent teeth and deciduous teeth, respectively.
Kraus and Jordan studied the early mineralization in various deciduous teeth as well as in the permanent first molars.
It emphasizes the relationship and reciprocal influence of the development of the dentition with the growth of the face and with functional factors, as well as discussing the development of orthodontic malocclusions and the effects of untimely loss of deciduous teeth.
Deciduous teeth are considered expendable, and the dental team saw significant caries in children's' mouths.
When Joe's deciduous teeth erupted, they were blackened and eventually crumbling with severe dental fluorosis.
The team, composed of Italian and German researchers, analyzed two deciduous teeth from the prehistoric sites of Riparo Bombrini in Western Ligurian Alps and Grotta di Fumane in Western Lessini Mountains, in northern Italy, Xinhua reported.
Further maintenance of deciduous teeth is therefore, particularly important to insure normal alignment of permanent teeth and to reduce the extensive orthodontic treatment.
1] Oftentimes, dental traumas or extensive caries lesions affect the pulp of deciduous teeth, making the maintenance of these on the arc dependent on endodontic treatment.
Olmez et al [14] evaluated the effect of different thicknesses of MTA on coronal microleakage in deciduous teeth obturated with calcium hydroxide.