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Antonyms for deciduous

(of plants and shrubs) shedding foliage at the end of the growing season


(of teeth, antlers, etc.) being shed at the end of a period of growth

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Based on CLs, fawn home ranges during either season had compositional differences in herbaceous openlands, lowland shrubs, northern hardwoods, and upland deciduous forests with the composition of > 1 seasonal home range of other age classes (i.
Comparisons of the composition of foliage dwelling spider assemblages in apple orchards and adjacent deciduous forests.
Values of importance indices for deciduous forest, wooded swamp, wet meadow, shrub-scrub, and shrub swamp are listed in Tables 1-5, respectively.
Joining Pankey at the ceremony were Elizabeth Pope, President, American Stamp Dealers Association; John Dawson, Artist, Northeast Deciduous Forest Stamps; Robert Davies, Director of Lands and Forest/New York State Forester, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation; and David E.
It occupies forest and brushland habitats throughout the eastern deciduous forest region of North America but also uses wetlands with tall vegetation on native tallgrass prairie.
They use mixed deciduous forest where bamboo is dominant not only because they have no tools for logging heavy timber, but also because they know bamboo growth indicates soil fertility.
The Sauerland region in north Germany was once a predominantly pastoral landscape of old farms, fields and light deciduous forest.
Salish Trail (4 1/2 miles one way) traverses the entire park, north to south, through mixed deciduous forest with pockets of ancient fir, cedar, and hemlock.
Learning about tropical ecosystems in Costa Rica and visiting research stations in cloud forest, dry deciduous forest and lowland rainforest as well as exploring coastal ecosystems
Through most of its range, this species is associated with thick undergrowth in mature deciduous forest, but in this issue, Porneluzi et al.
The most pronounced change found by the researchers was in the broad-leaved deciduous and needle-leaved deciduous forest groups, showing that autumn is becoming significantly later with an early onset of spring.
The area where it was collected was a tropical deciduous forest dominated by custard apple trees Annona globiflora, gumbo-limbo trees Bursera simaruba, and guazima trees Guazuma ulmifolia.
The dominant distribution pattern of the species identified is the eastern deciduous forest pattern as defined and described by Mockford (1993) (i.
The 4 cover types were mixed forest, treed bogs, coniferous forest, and deciduous forest that comprised ~85% of home ranges of radio-collared moose in northeastern Minnesota.