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the social process in which population and industry moves from urban centers to outlying districts

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the spread of power away from the center to local branches or governments

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Social fragmentation encourages a de facto decentralism through the forming of subcultural enclaves.
Perhaps there is a hidden, fragmented, inarticulate majority out there yearning for another Bryan, La Follette, or Reagan to lead America back on the path of Jeffersonian decentralism.
Mr Durham added that The Decentralism and Localism Bill could be of interest but further information would be needed to see how it would work in practice.
which bioregional politics would logically begin is decentralism,
The Agreement stipulates the implementation of a strong centralism alongside decentralism (See Ta'ef Agreement--III.
When we speak about decentralism, it is the community foundations that are then relied upon.
North's move towards using the social to explain the difference between different communities' economic and political success, and to use this as a justification of decentralism, is paralleled in other new institutionalist writing.
This does not mean abandoning the principles and ideals undergirding the movement (such as freedom, cooperation, decentralism, solidarity, diversity, face-to-face participation, and the like); it merely means recognizing the limits of direct democracy as it is practiced in the context of a demonstration.
Finally, relative to models inspired by extreme centralism or decentralism, and their clarion call for disentanglement, the codecision model better accounts for the large degree of interdependence between the central and subnational governments in modern government service delivery.
the capacity of the Party to retain political centralism while allowing economic decentralism, Other challenges that Beijing is facing include: the growing economic dichotomy between the coastal provinces and the rural ones and its implications for internal cohesion; the feasibility of the two-system model devised around Hong Kong; the future of Taiwan; and the future of the Party.
It might then be clearer, for example, how (or whether) "anarchist utopianism," with its emphases on "non-coercion, non-authoritarianism, and decentralism," (12) differed from regular old pure-and-simple anarchism.
Under decentralism, the units at local and intermediate levels govern their own affairs; under centralism, they are instruments of central government.
The federalist cause from which their party took its name was a distinct move away from the decentralism of the Articles of Confederation, but its advocates insisted that federalism did not mean a consolidated, unitary government of the sort favored by kings and despots.
He however called for administrative decentralism along with the rise of an efficient security apparatus capable of preventing any domestic disorders.