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either of the two times of the year when the sun is at its greatest distance from the celestial equator

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Seasons on Saturn Season Date March equinox 3 March 1980 June solstice 11 December 1987 September equinox 19 November 1995 December solstice 26 October 2002 March equinox 10 August 2009 June solstice 22 May 2017 Table 2.
The effect at the December solstice is more pronounced than for the June one.
The perpendicular rays of the sun "move" northward, reaching perpendicular at the Tropic of Cancer (23 1/2[degrees] N latitude) in the northern hemisphere on the June solstice and reach perpendicular at the Tropic of Capricorn (23 1/2[degrees] S latitude) in the southern hemisphere on the December solstice.
Ghezzi decided to use modern-day science to test out this theory, and to his delight, he discovered that the first tower aligned with the June solstice and the last tower with the December solstice.
In the Southern Hemisphere, the December solstice will not be the winter solstice, but the summer solstice because of the planet's tilt.
December Solstice (Winter Solstice) was December 22 at 04:03 in Islamabad.
Most people now begin their civil calendar with January, about 10 days after the December solstice.
The winter solstice, also known as the December solstice, occurs when the sun reaches its southern-most declination of -23.