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the last day of the year

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Muscat: The Research Council (TRC) announced that December 31st will be the deadline for submission of applications for the second version of the Water Research and Innovation Award.
Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], Dec 15 ( ANI ): The Karnataka government on Friday denied of any permission being granted for Time Creation's December 31st event on New Year's Eve in which actress Sunny Leone was to take part.
The pedestrian bridge near the Burj Khalifa on Shaikh Zayed Road will be closed at midnight on December 31st.
If you didn't save the max of $17,500 in your 401(k) this year, there's still a possibility your employer will allow you to make a lump sum contribution before December 31st.
By ordering their moving supplies before December 31st, White Rock and Surrey residents can save $20 per delivery when they spend more than $25.
On May 1, 2014, Textura's board of directors approved a change in Textura's fiscal year end from September 30th to December 31st.
Meanwhile, the UK has extended funding for the United Kingdom Infrared Telescope (UKIRT) to December 31st (S&T: September 2012, page 14).
Total assets of the company reached $73,432,305 as of December 31st, 2012, compared to total assets of $72,879,376 as of December 31st, 2011, a net increase of 0.
In press statements Osman insisted that Sudan has paid its share in the UN regular budget for 2012 "in full" adding that as of December 31st his country remains current.
Her funeral in Monday, December 31st from O'CONNOR BROTHERS FUNERAL HOME, 592 Park Avenue with a funeral Mass at 11:00 a.
Your loving husband Tom xxxxxx McMULLEN - JULIA (DOLLY HICKEY), December 31st.
Reliable sources told here on Sunday that the Presidency has not taken any decision yet about the appointment of administrators at district level in place of Nazims after the expiry of the system on September 16, while after December 31st, it would go to provinces automatically.
The reservoir is now closed for pike fishing and trout fishing is now bank only until December 31st, with the Coton Bank, platforms 1-6 and the dam wall all recommended.
Silva and Chavez, both radical Marxists, set a December 31st deadline for a regional trade union.
An article in the December 31st edition of the New York Times marshalled the arguments for moderate drinking, noting that "thirty years of research has convinced many experts of the health benefits of moderate drinking for some people.