exponential decay

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a decrease that follows an exponential function

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The intensity of evanescent wave also decays exponentially at core/cladding interface as follows [11]:
During the time between the second and third doses, the concentration decays exponentially from this value.
v](z) decays exponentially fast once v increases slightly beyond z.
The intensity of evanescent waves decays exponentially as they move further from the interface at which they are formed.
While not apparent on the modest voltage and time scales of an oscilloscope, the RF burst does not shut off instantaneously, but instead decays exponentially.
210] activity in sediment is constant, is not redistributed or remobilized by post-depositional processes, and decays exponentially with time in accordance with the radioactive decay law (Oldfield, 1983; Appleby, 1993).
The stress then decays exponentially as a function of time according to the equation:
15] considered a one-dimensional nonlinear system of thermoelasticity with thermal memory and second sound and proved global existence and exponential decay of solution provided that the initial data are close to equilibrium and the relaxation function decays exponentially.