radioactive decay

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the spontaneous disintegration of a radioactive substance along with the emission of ionizing radiation

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The speedup is the largest such artificial hastening of an atom's decay rate ever observed.
Analytic evaluation of the self-energy and outer-vertex corrections to the decay rate of orthopositronium in the Fried-Yennie gauge.
3]He polarization build-up and decay rates, which are intrinsically slow because the coupling of the [.
The model was reasonably effective at predicting trends in the relative variability of contaminant concentration in the test chamber, but overestimated the concentration decay rate.
15 /PRNewswire/ -- A sub-study of the landmark 2NN trial found that HIV treatment regimens containing either VIRAMUNE(R) (nevirapine) or efavirenz provide a comparable viral decay rate (VDR) over the first two weeks of treatment.
A Kentucky dentist, "shocked by a dramatic increase in the dental decay rate," found poor diet to be the culprit(5).
Using the previous decay rate for lutetium-176, researchers estimated those rocks to be 4.
Another test is the electric-quadrupole decay rate of the [5d.
6 Bar) operation * No external humidification for fuel or air * Repeatable freeze start from -30 degrees C reaching 50% power in 30 seconds * Greater than 1,500 hours steady-state operation with a 10 microvolts/hour/cell decay rate * 100,000 cycles during operation with no measurable decay * Non-coated stainless steel bipolar plate construction for low cost
Similarly, 89% fluoridated South Dakota reveals the third worst decay rate (68%) where 41% are poor.
Measurements of uranium-238's double-beta decay rate, however, indicate that this unusual process occurs about 100 times faster than predicted by calculations based on conventional theory.
Another dating method, based on the decay rate of certain radioactive elements in soil, generated comparable age estimates.
Analysis of the decay rate of a radioactive form of the element argon in volcanic ash at Moroto dates fossils at the site to at least 20.
Given this decay rate, white dwarfs and neutrons stars will evaporate by 1040 years, bringing down the curtain on the degenerate era.
The y-axis represents the frequency of decay rates and the x-axis is the number of decays per second--the decay rate.