radioactive decay

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the spontaneous disintegration of a radioactive substance along with the emission of ionizing radiation

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The two decay modes are recognized as fast and slow modes in view of the polymer concentration being higher than [C.
Adaptive blanking time and various current decay modes, including slow, fast, mixed and auto-mixed decay, achieve a smooth profile to optimize motor performance.
Tevatron scientists found that the observed Higgs signal in the combined CDF and DZero data in the bottom-quark decay mode has a statistical significance of 2.
The system adds a secondary decay mode to measure the mobility of the charge in the atmosphere during the test.
By utilizing Trek's Model 158A CPM to validate ionizer performance for balance and +/- decay mode operation, facility managers and process engineers will have an additional tool to help manage their ESD-sensitive processes in the semiconductor industry and in aerospace, automotive, biotechnology, defense, electronics, energy, instrumentation, materials testing, military, and powder/film processing industries.
These predictions show that the radiative decay mode of the neutron, while a rare process, should be observable in the laboratory.
The fastest decay mode occurs when a positron having an antiparallel quantum spin forms a bound state with an electron of the same quantum spin state.