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United States naval officer remembered for his heroic deeds (1779-1820)

a city in central Illinois

a town in northern Alabama on the Tennessee River

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Serra Toyota of Decatur also provides in-depth vehicle research on new 2016 Toyota models.
8226; Evelyn (Lyn) Menne -Assistant City Manager for the City of Decatur and Executive Director of the Decatur Development Authority.
Decatur State Bank and Grand Savings Bank retained their names in the aftermath.
Decatur First Bank operates as Decatur First Bank in Decatur, as Bank of Morgan County in Madison, and as Lake Oconee Community Bank at Lake Oconee.
Decatur Electronics will market and distribute its Pocket ID2 drug detection scanner in the US and global markets.
Following the arrival of the USS Decatur in Chennai, U.
The workers filed a complaint under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA); Decatur moved to dismiss the case, but the district court denied the motion.
Some weeks before, Decatur, commanding the Enterprize, and Preble, commanding the Constitution, had captured an enemy ship--a Tripolitan "ketch," which is a fairly small, two-masted sailing ship.
Accomplished historian and author James de Kay captures the essence of an age, as well as the spirit of a man, in his biography of Commodore Stephen Decatur.
Jones is spokeswoman for the Decatur House, the Washington home Beale bought after returning east.
He also has served as president of the Illinois State MTA and the Decatur Area MTA.
Tom Keating started the Project Clean campaign from Decatur, Ga.
A fire wiped them out, leaving the land to weeds, until the railroad line from Springfield to Decatur made the town a loading point.
Address: City of Decatur, PO Box 220, Decatur, GA 30031
We have all seen the video of the fight that took place in the bleachers at the football game in Decatur, Illinois, on September 17, 1999.