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X Serraniculus pumilio X Carangidae Chloroscombrus chrysurus X Decapterus punctatus X Lutjanidae Lutjanus campechanus Gerreidae Unidentified X Sciaenidae Cynoscion arenarius X X Cynoscion nothus X Larimus fasciatus X X Leiostomus xanthurus X X Micropogonias undulatus X X Sciaenops ocellatus Labridae Unidentified X Microdesmidae Microdesmus spp.
20 (11-21) 3 (15-21) 18 (11-22) Decapterus punctatus 144 (10-44) 19 (10-32) 3 (24-35) Decapterus sp.
Unidentified jack 59 Decapterus macarellus Mackerel scad 60 Elagatis bipinnulata Rainbow runner 61 Oligoplites saurus Leatherjacket 62 Selene vomer Lookdown 63 Seriola dumerili Greater amberjack 64 Seriola rivoliana Almaco jack 65 Trachinotus carolinus Florida pompano 66 Trachinotus falcatus Permit Coryphaenidae, Dolphins 67 Coryphaena equisetis Pompano dolphin 68 Coryphaena hippurus Dolphin Lutjanidae, Snappers 69 Etelis oculatus Queen snapper 70 Lutjanus analis Mutton snapper 71 Lutjanus apodus Schoolmaster 72 Lutjanus buccanella Blackfin snapper 73 Lutjanus campechanus Red snapper 74 Lutjanus cyanopterus Cubera snapper 75 Lutjanus griseus Gray snapper 76 Lutjanus jocu Dog snapper 77 Lutjanus mahogoni Mahogany snapper 78 Lutjanus spp.
Histrio histrio, Dooley, 1972; Decapterus punctatus, Rountree, 1989).
Note, however, that Rountree (1989) demonstrated that the number of Decapterus punctatus associated with midwater FADs exhibited a significant, positive linear response to FAD size.
Common name Scientific name Large yellow croaker Pseudosciaena crocea Small yellow croaker Pseudosciaena polyactis Edible jellyfish Rhopilema esculenta Cuttlefish Sepiella mandroni Green filefish Navodon septentrionalis Hairtail Trichiurus haumela Mackerel and scad Scomber japonicus and Decapterus maruadsi Spanish mackerel Scomberomorus sp.
However, the most prominent inshore fisheries are those for smaller coastal pelagics, such as mackerel scad, Decapterus macarellus; and bigeye scad, Selar crumenopthalmus.
Akule, Selar crumenopthalmus; and opelu, Decapterus macarellus, landings rank within the top ten fisheries on all islands.
008 t), and mackerel scad, Decapterus macarellus (0.
For bait, Hawaii longliners used locally caught scad, Decapterus and Selar spp.
Two of these are the opelu or hachuman fishing (for Decapterus sp.
Trachurus lathami and Decapterus punctalus) escaped during this period and that larger individuals were often caught by their gills in the meshes of the body panels.