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Molt cycle alterations in behavior, feeding and diel rhythms of a decapod crustacean, the spiny lobster Panulirus argus.
Each prey item was identified to the lowest possible taxon that could be collapsed into 7 course prey categories: bony fishes, decapod crustaceans, echinoderms, mollusks, nondecapod crustaceans, polychaetes, and other (composed of unidentified animal tissue and rarely seen miscellaneous taxa).
Our objective was to investigate the diel usage patterns of the mangrove and adjacent seagrass habitat by fish and decapods to determine whether the limited recovery of the mangrove was providing usable habitat for these organisms.
Location map showing the position, south from Corona, Riverside County, California, from which fossil decapods were collected.
2 m high, 5 cm mesh, galvanized chicken wire fencing to deflect large fishes and decapods that could disturb transplants (Fonseca 1994).
In decapod crustaceans, carapace color patterns are a result of hormonal control of chromatotropines (Rao, 1985), combined with external factors, such as food sources, substrate color, and seasonal and environmental variations (Rao, 1985; Bedini, 2002).
Similar increases in sensory structures during development have been observed in other decapods (Bauer 2004).
Their broad shallow zones provide habitats for large numbers of macroinvertebrates (arthropods, polychaetes, mollusks, and others) and decapods, including blue crabs, Callinectes sapidus, and shrimp; juvenile and adult killifish and mummichogs, Fundulus spp.
In Punta Banda estuary, kelp bass diet was similar, most prey items were small suprabenthic and benthic invertebrates (gammarids, decapods, isopods, mollusks, caprellids and mysidaceans).
They showed significantly greater densities of amphipods, decapods, and polychaetes at turtle grass edge, leading to elevated secondary production.
Never mind that when the kitchen isn't rushed, it's able to turn out a fine rendition of crawfish etouffee ($20), creamy and abundant with those good-tasting, little, red, out-of-shell decapods.
Wood's (1974) key to the natant decapods provides the singular most condensed listing for the Texas coast.
The eyes of deep-dwelling decapods can also be damaged by exposure to sunlight (Gaten 1988).
Other studies have recorded that decapods and fish were the major components in the diet of the spotted sand bass (Navarro 1985; Diaz and Soto 1988; Cruz-Escalona 1998).
Blue crabs exit sideways through openings (Guillory and Merrell, 1993), and decapods orient themselves such that the smallest opening an animal can be pushed through by hand is also the smallest opening it may pass through unaided (Stasko, 1975).