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This, taken together with evidence for extraocular photoreception in the nerve cords of decapods, warrants further investigation into whether the abundance of stomatopod opsin transcripts found in retinas extends to extraretinal tissues and whether they there form functional photopigments that contribute to a significant physiological role.
The feed consumption pattern of decapod crustaceans (shrimp, prawn and red claw) in pond culture varies among species and is influenced by many factors, such as temperature, molt stage, water quality and body size (Wasielesky et al.
The ratio of whole-animal wet weight to carapace length (CL) has been used as a nondestructive sampling technique that is resistant to the effects of molt stage, but may not be sufficiently sensitive because nutritionally deprived decapods uptake water to replace the volume of metabolized tissues (Dall 1974, Oliver & MacDiarmid 2001).
Fishes were identified according to the identification guide of Carpenter (2002a, 2000b), decapods were identified by using Williams (1984), bivalves and gastropods were identified by using Abbott (1968), zooplankters were identified by using Johnson and Allen (2005) and Boltovsky (1999), echinoderms were identified by using Hendler et al.
The purpose of this research is to develop a low cost, student-friendly protocol for the dehydration of decapod crustaceans (shrimp) for morphological examination and imaging using a desktop scanning electron microscope.
Crustacean decapods may reduce epibionts by mechanically removing the settlers during grooming or moulting.
It is a species of small decapods crustacean from the Xanthidae family and found in the Indo-Pacific Ocean, living in crevices and on the surface of corals.
On the occurrence in the Eastern Tropical Pacific of Indo-West Pacific decapods crustaceans commensal with reef-building corals.
The tasty decapods are presently molting reclusively rather than wandering around our pots to feed.
According to the reports available, gastropods dominate the rocky shore fauna followed by decapods, crustaceans and polycheate worms.
Tokushima, Japan) has published extensively on decapods Crustacea and here presents both an inventory of currently known species as well as his own views on their classification.