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either a design that is fixed to some surface or a paper bearing the design which is to be transferred to the surface

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The Expo 2020 decal installed by the Emirates Aircraft Appearance Centre is one of the largest decals to be applied on an Emirates Boeing 777 aircraft.
The theme of the first decal installed was 'mobility' which also relates to Emirates' role as a connector of people, places and opportunities, as the airline links over 150 destinations in 84 countries to, from, and via its hub in Dubai.
But decals that cover the entire body are to be avoided because these generally come as a sheet of plastic that you can glue on to the top or the back of your instrument.
The decal initiative addresses the fourth guiding principle outlined in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission report: "Reconciliation requires constructive action on addressing the ongoing legacies of colonialism that have had destructive impacts on Aboriginal peoples' education, cultures, and languages.
Biderman added, "We encourage local governments and haulers to get decals from SWANA to help spread the word about this important worker safety campaign.
RespirTech is also introducing custom decal sets for the unit that coordinate with the vest designs.
The Fiat 500X with the Summer Xtra pack bike carrier and decals from the Mopar accessories range
New designs include Kitty Cat in black and white; Flower Pot in red, yellow and purple; Soccer Player; and Spenser, the customizable caricature dispenser with repositionable decals.
They'll also feature the new decals and the new NSN, model number and part number:
99) uses decals and light effects to bring imaginative scenes to life.
Our clients count on us for custom labels and decals that adhere to the highest international benchmarks for safety, reliability and quality.
You can buy side decals from pounds 180 or a set that covers sides, roof and bonnet for pounds 380.
It comes via the arrival of colourful body and roof decals and a choice of leather upholstery options for the popular four-seater.
Toyota wanted personalisation options that match iQ's personality, so there's a range of decals that extends from a classic monochrome Check to a psychedelic multicolour Swirl.
Or when your son was learning two choices: Ask Guys to sit down to pee, or stick one of these waterproof decals at the bottom of your toilet.