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a young woman making her debut into society


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Like the British debs who are "presented" at the Queen Charlotte's Ball in London every autumn, American debutantes wear floor-skimming white gowns with long white gloves for the event in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel.
ie website which offers to be a one-stop shop for excited debutantes.
The highlight of this documentary, is the Queen Charlotte Ball, which marks the 'coming out' for the debutantes.
The culminating event will be a formal affair where the debutantes are presented to society.
One of Moore's better-known paintings is Debutantes, 1992, a polemical allegory whose searing humor issues from outrage.
In Five Great American Negroes, which is reminiscent of Mexican muralist Diego Rivera, and Kitchenette Debutantes (at left), White displays his bold use of color to reflect the power embodied in his subjects.
Stephane Bern, the society chronicler who presented the debutantes, believes such concepts are outdated.
The "Hispanic-Tradition Theme Barbie" comes out at a time when Brazil's baile de debutantes and the quinceanera parties in Spanish-speaking countries are on the wane.
The British magazine Tatler is known for its portraits of debutantes wearing pearls and generally celebrating the country's upper classes, film stars, and fashion models.
From body scarification in Ethiopia to the exhibitionist beaches of Brazil, from the masters of traditional tattoo in Tokyo to the catwalks of Manhattan, from motorcycle bikers in South Dakota to the high society of Southern Californian debutantes, EYE OF THE BEHOLDER unlocks the secrets of the world's cultures-and subcultures-through their own definitions of beauty.
Denis Leamy will win his first cap at number eight and will be joined on the flank by debutantes John Muldoon and openside Niall Ronan.
More than 200 guests are expected to welcome the group of 15- to 19-year-olds at the Debutante Ball, a coming-out of sorts for members of the Debutantes of Central Massachusetts.
First, PBS opened its season three weeks back with a very kinky take on Sherlock Holmes involving debutantes, bondage and foot fetishes.
It tells the tale of two ambitious, yet unlucky FBI agents (Shawn and Marlon Wayans) who, desperate to restore their credibility, pose as white female debutantes in order to protect two hotel heiresses.
Carrie Mae Weems) or UPN mogul Dean Valentine began scooping up the work of art-school debutantes, California collecting was defined by the Andersons ("Hunk" and "Moo") of Atherton.